Courses, Workshops, and Consultation

Customized Courses and Workshops: We can design a course or workshop suited to the needs of your organization. We can even conduct

site-based research (interviews, focus groups, surveys, data and document analysis) to inform

development of an educational experience designed and tailored specifically to your needs.

Past Courses:

Gender and Sexual Orientation in Education: Approaches for Equity and Inclusion

Diversity and Equity in Education

Educational Technology and the Diverse Classroom

Critical Multicultural Education: Local-global Approaches

Feminist Theories in Education

Diversity and Social Justice: Critical and Intersectional Approaches

Confronting Whiteness: Working Through White Supremacy, Neocolonialism, and Neo-imperialism

Arts-based Education, Research, and Activism: Critical, Narrative, and Performative Approaches

A Social History of Education

Educational Policy and Politics


Supporting and Celebrating LGBTQ+ Students in Our Schools [4-6 hours]

Social Justice: What Do We Mean? [2-4 hours]

Solidarity for Social Justice: Using Our Intersectional Privilege and Oppression [12 hours]

Consulting & Coaching: Call or email us for a free initial consultation!

1. With a Ph.D. in Cultural Studies in Education and years of experience in both K-12 and higher

education as a teacher, mentor, and researcher, Katharine Sprecher is poised to offer advising,

research, coaching, and resources related to diversity, social justice, and/or education.

Whether you are an:

  • Educational institution,
  • Organization seeking to implement pertinent education for your employees, members and/or project; or
  • Individual or small group looking to improve your social awareness and contributions…Dr. Sprecher can provide unique services tailored to your specific needs. Trained and experienced in qualitative research methods, she can also conduct interviews, focus groups, surveys, literature research, and data analysis as ways to inform development of a personalized educational experience.

2. With her background in Computer Science and M.Ed. in an Instructional Technology field, Rebecca Fischer is prepared to offer help regarding the technological side of educating diverse learners. She can help you:

  • Ensure your technological interventions or online lessons meet the needs of diverse learners
  • Design digital learning experiences that take diversity into account

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