Mission and Vision

Our primary mission is to serve people who serve children, youth, and young adults by providing

exceptional educational and professional development experiences rooted in social justice for

all. We are passionately committed to the power of education to provide not only skills and

resources, but serve as a vehicle for personal and social transformation – a process of collective

evolution that may alter the way we understand the world and our roles in it.

Drawing on the works of critical educators such as bell hooks, Paulo Freire, and Sonia Nieto, we

advocate and honor diverse ways of knowing, being, and learning through multiple educational

methods. These include democratic dialogue, critical analysis, relational and experiential

learning, collaborative problem-solving, and a thorough commitment to the arts – performative,

poetic, visual, narrative, digital, interactive – as profound teaching-learning tools that inspire

intellectual-emotional growth that is holistic and complex.

We define social justice as an intersectional1 and fluid endeavor that explores our diverse

identities and positions within a stratified society; the interplay of individual/interpersonal,

cultural, and institutional/systemic oppressions and privileges; and multi-level responses that

address these dynamic variables in classrooms, schools, communities, and society. While our

combined experience and education is extensive, we honor the knowledge and experience our

students bring to the learning process, which we see as co-constructed, and our teaching is

continuously evolving to meet the needs of our students and a changing society.

Our vision is to build a multi-dimensional center that combines arts and education to offer

community members and professionals – locally and globally – a resource for continuous

transformation and collaboration. We seek to accomplish this through online and face-to- face

courses and workshops, organizational and individual consulting and coaching, and support for

artists (including ourselves!) doing transformative, social justice work in a variety of modalities.

Over the coming year, our goal is to transition to nonprofit status and work toward creating a

sustainable land trust that will house the Center and serve as a space for educational retreats

and workshops, as well as artist and activist residencies. This work is, for us, an act of love. We

welcome your participation!


1Crenshaw, Kimberle.