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CEED 801: LGBTQ+ Students: Developing Welcoming & Supportive Schools & Classrooms


  1. If you want PSU (Portland State University) graduate credit and/or Oregon PDU’s (Professional Development Units) for the course, you’ll need to establish a PSU student account and pay the PSU $60 per credit hour fee via the instructions on the PSU webpage on this page. Please direct all questions regarding PSU’s registration and payment processes to the PSU contacts listed on that page.
  2. Pay the CTAE tuition fee in full by one week before the first day of class via our online payment system below.


$150 per credit hour CTAE tuition

$60 per credit hour PSU fee (paid to PSU)

Any additional PSU fees (for example, there is a one-time $27 fee for creating a student account, also paid to PSU)

Any costs for required textbooks, instant streaming downloads, and other resources or materials purchased by the student for the course.

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