Katharine helped us streamline our training goals for an anti-racist virtual reality educational project, helping us become immediately more targeted and effective. We wanted to develop anti-racist VR programs for teachers, but were just not sure which direction and which topics to start with. After consulting with Katharine about key issues for anti-racist work in educational policies and practices, we were able to identify our top priorities and strategies. Everyone who goes through our training will benefit from her expert advice.


-Jessica Outlaw, Founder and Head of Research, The Extended Mind




Katharine is a master teacher who respectfully and gently helps students develop more complex understandings of the role of social injustice in classrooms, schools, and society via diverse and democratic educational methods. I have observed and participated in her classes and workshops focusing on critical diversity issues in education and was impressed with how she calmly addressed unconscious racism and classism among her students and helped them consider alternatives to the dominant narratives they had internalized. One of the things that stands out about her work is that students have consistently given me positive feedback about her courses, which is rarely the case for faculty who engage in this type of work. I have collaborated with her on faculty workshops, research, and writing projects and have found her insights and contributions to be incredibly valuable. She continuously develops creative and meaningful lessons, curricula, and texts to respond to current happenings and conditions. She is also a joy to work with, a true collaborator who is committed to the needs of all involved and passionate about the work we do. I highly recommend taking a course developed and taught by Katharine!


-Lisa Harrison, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Middle Childhood Education, The Patton College of Education, Ohio University


Katharine Sprecher was my teacher and mentor in my Masters of Education program at Ohio University. In each class I took with her, I witnessed her passion for providing an inclusive and engaging educational experience for all of her students. She is an energetic educator who produces unique, high quality, creative, and inspiring curriculum in every class she teaches. She supported me personally and professionally throughout my time in the program, and I will be forever grateful for the guidance I received from her. Katharine’s holistic care for her students sets her apart from, what I see as, a common practice for educators to view their students singularly through their work inside the classroom. She has a gift for making each of her students feel welcomed and affirmed for who they are, both inside and outside the classroom.

-Sarah Tucker Jenkins, M.A., M.Ed., Young Women Leaders Program Mentoring Coordinator, Maxine Platzer Lynn Women’s Center at the University of Virginia


Somewhere between No Child Left Behind and the Every Student Succeeds Act, I lost my drive. With my focus on rigor and gains, creating an equitable and inclusive educational experience for all students was put to the back burner – if not forgotten altogether. The foundation Dr. Sprecher’s course gave me has allowed me to refocus on my passion for K-12 education and reaching EVERY student through a focus on equity and inclusion.

-Brendan Downing, M.Ed. (Former K-12 Educator 2008-2015) Current Resident Director, Ohio University